ING DIRECT Online Orange Savings Accounts

Looking for higher interest on your savings? Conventional banks pay less than one percent interest on conventional savings accounts. ING DIRECT's online Orange Savings Account currently pays a higher annual percentage yield. Why? Because ING DIRECT does not have the infrastracture of conventional banks. They do not pay teller salaries, construct buildings in every city, or pay parking lot attendants to watch your car. ING DIRECT allows you to transfer your money to and from your conventional checking account with no transfer fees, giving you easy access to your money.

ING DIRECT Orange Savings Accounts Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a monthly fee charged to my ING DIRECT Orange Savings Account?

No, there is no monthly fee associated with your ING DIRECT online Orange Savings Account.

Can I keep my current checking account?

Yes, there is no need to change banks. Your ING DIRECT Orange Savings Account will be automatically linked to your current checking account.

How do I access my money in my ING DIRECT Orange Savings Account?

You login to with your customer number, your PIN number and with a security question that changes randomly. You can also transfer money by calling ING DIRECT's toll free telephone number.

Does ING DIRECT charge me a fee to transfer my money?

No, there are no transfer fees associates with your Orange Savings Account.

Is my money safe?

ING DIRECT is FDIC insured. ING DIRECT also has you confirm your checking account by verifying the amounts of two small deposits they place into your checking account.

Can I have a Christmas account?

With ING DIRECT, you can setup and name sub-accounts within your main account. You can have a separate christmas savings account, a new car account, or an account for whatever you please. How's that for an easy way to save your money?

What about automatic transfers?

You can set your ING DIRECT Orange Savings Account to automatic transfers money to or from your checking account on any day of the month you choose.

Will my Orange Savings Account work with my business checking account?

No, Orange Savings Accounts are for personal use only, unless you have a dba and the checks have your personal name printed on them.

How do I open my new ING DIRECT Orange Savings Account?

  1. Have the following items handy.
    • Your personal check book that you want linked to your Orange Savings Account.
    • Your driver's license or state ID if you are over 16 years of age.

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